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Linda Ellis started writing poems as a child, a talent inherited from her Irish grandmother. She grew up in Florida and then lived in New York for several years. However, her southern roots kept calling her home so she settled in Georgia where she now lives with her family and a menagerie of pets. She spent years working in the corporate world, but after her first poem was shared on a syndicated radio program in 1994, an alternative career began to emerge and she soon came to the realization that her true passion was in creative writing.

Linda follows her dream of inspiring others through her words. Because no promotion or raise received from her boss could ever equal the satisfaction she felt when she would hear from those whose hearts had been touched by her words, she made the decision to leave the corporate world behind to pursue her dream, inspiring others through her writing. Linda focuses on writing about real life, including all of its joys and sorrows. Thus, as each new phase of her life is experienced, so are new feelings, thoughts and ideas that she feels compelled to express through her works.

Her work has been featured in best-selling books and magazines such as Family Circle, US News and World Report, Natural Awakenings Magazine, WOW Professional Performance, Leatherneck Magazine, Natural Awakenings Magazine, and various other major publications. Her poems have also appeared on C-SPAN, FOX TV (FOX 4), ABC News (News 10), CBS News (KLASTV), NBC (WXIA) and on hundreds of radio programs, including Radio Delilah.

The Dash poem has touched millions of lives around the world. Her most famous poem to date is THE DASH, which has been enjoyed by millions over the last 14 years. It is now the subject of a beautiful pictorial gift book and a 287-page hardcover book titled: LIVE YOUR DASH. The Dash poem is responsible for changing attitudes and subsequently, millions of lives around the world. Linda has incorporated the concept of the dash (that little line in between your dates of birth and death which represents all the days you’ll live on earth) into an inspirational speech that will no doubt touch your heart and get you thinking differently about life and what’s really important.


Creative Writing, Public Speaking...LIVING MY DASH!