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June 30, 2015


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Alma Hinder

I have just watched the video to your beautiful poem Twice as Much, and I can honestly say it touched a place in my heart and my soul, It left me in tears. I first heard your poem The Dash at a friends funeral and was so moved by the words, I have since followed up on some of your other works Time of your Life, and This point Forward and they have really made me sit and think about my life in a totally different way. Thank you so much and God Bless You.



I have just been told of my Father-in-laws death. He was 91 and had a great life and thankfully a peaceful death.

Twice as much is simply stunning and so apt. Thank you for sharing your talent.


Carol A Petty

Years ago I received permission from your company to read "The Dash" at my dad's funeral. Over the years, I have had to use it a couple of more times. In February, my husband, Bob, passed away unexpectedly and it was read again. I have been so sad since his passing that I haven't been able to deal with many things. The other day, you sent me an email with your newest "Twice as much". I cried when I watched it but towards the end you gave me hope and a promise that I now have a job to do. It is to give twice as much to my children, my mother, my friends etc. because it is coming from Bob and me. Thank you for bolstering my spirits and helping me get on with my job and my life. You are a gifted sweetheart.

Linda May-Powers

Linda ... As always, your words touched this heart. Thank you for such a meaningful power point poem. I loved it.


You are so gifted. Your writings provoke such emotion, and I look forward to each and everyone.

Donna Hazelwood Hart

Linda Ellis, every time I read your words, I feel that, somehow, we are sisters of the heart.<3 Always love, and cherish, your writings. God bless you.

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